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Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Streamline your Lightroom 4 workfolw with ShuttlePro V2

I invested some thoughts in how to set up my ShuttelProV2 to streamline my Lightroom 4 workflow.
I used them for about 10 sessions now and I am very happy with them so far, but will post updates if needed.
How I use my shuttle
let me explain my settings and the thoughts behind them:

Library Mode

For library mode I've set up the shuttle to support me during the "cull&rate" workflow stage. Therefore the top buttons are assigned to the pick & reject flags and 1-3 stars (I rarely give an image more than 3, if so I can spend the time to assign them with the keyboard or the mouse).

During "cull&rate" I spend the most time working with the overview mode of LR4 (keyboard shortcut N), with side panels closed (Tab key) and in lights mode (L key), so that my desktop looks like this:
This allows me to do comparison based image selection. To go through the images I have assigned a macro to the 1st stage left turn of the shuttle ring which will show me the selected image plus 3 more. The 1st stage right turn will add an additional image to the selection.
With the jock wheel of the shuttle or the mouse or in my case the wacom tablet lying next to the shuttle I work on my selection:
  • shift click to remove it
  • select + "pick"- / "reject"-button on the shuttle to select them for the next workflow stage
  • turn the shuttle ring left to get the next  images
  • turn the shuttle ring right to add another image
This works extremely well if you have a series of multiple images and want to pick the next one.

I also included an option to quickly add keywords.
To do so I go the the grid mode (Grid button the shuttle) and open the keyword panel on the right (Tab button on the shuttle) and the keyword sub panel (keywords button on the shuttle). Now I can use the joq wheel to go from image to image while I hover the mouse over the keyword panel (see next image). To add keywords I just click them in th keyword panel while I use the "next set"-button on the shuttle to toggle through my 5 sets.


Development Mode

In the development stage I configured the shuttle to give me quick access to the things I use the most:
  • basic settings panel
  • crop tool
  • gradient tool
  • selective correction brush
  • white balance
In combination with SHIFT, CTRL and ALT modifiers this allows me to do nearly 80% of my work.
Additionaly I configurerred a button to show the before and after comparison, toggle throug the light modes and quck zoom.
The remaining buttons I used to quickly adapt the tools at hand:
  • O-key: allows me to change the overly grid in crop mode and toggles on and off the brush mask (allthough I also have that available on my wacom tablet pen)
  • A-key: switch the auto mask on/off
If I did not have the wacom tablet I would also add the "<"-key to toggle between the two available brush sizes.
Finally I configured the shuttle ring to replace my mouse wheel so that I can quickly resize the brush and the feather sizes.

Is everything perfect?

No, not yet and will probably never be :-). But one feature I really miss is the ability to switch settings in makros. Because each time I switch between the library and development module in lightroom I need tot switch the settings of the shuttle manually via the system trey icon.
It would be great to create a makro that would chain the command that tells lightroom to go the desired module (G or D key) and the command that would select the appropriate settings for the shuttle.

More to come!